Lists that I should probably know

Rote learning has a bad reputation these days but it seems to be quite useful (if not essential) in this course.

Value Chain Model (5,4)

  • Primary Activities: Inbound, Ops, Sales, Servicing, Outbound
  • Support Activities: Admin, HR, Technology, Procurement

Five Forces (1,2,2)

  • Traditional: Existing Competitors
  • Bargaining Power: Customers and Suppliers
  • Potential: Threat of New Entrants & Substitute Products

Strategic Initiatives (1,3,3,1)

  • Cost Reduction
  • Good: New Products, Product Differentiation, Product Enhancement
  • Bad: Barriers to Entrants, High Switching Costs, Vendor Lock-in
  • Strategic Alliances

Osterwalder Business Model Canvas (1,3,3,2)

  • Value Proposition
  • Externally-facing: Customer Segments, Delivery Channels, Customer Relationship
  • Internally-facing: Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships
  • Income Statement: Cost Structure & Revenue Streams

Value and Revenue Models (3,3,2)

  • Facilitator: Brokerage, Infomediary, Community
  • Trader: Merchant, Manufacture Direct
  • Content provider: Advertising, Subscription

Topic Outlines Weeks 4-6 (3,3,3)

  • Web 2.0: Peer Production, Crowdsourcing, Open Innovation
  • ERP: Process Management, Value by Integration, Scripting by ERP
  • BI: Decision Theory, Data Warehousing, OLAP & Mining

SCM & CRM (2,3,3,3)

  • SCM purpose: Planning & Execution
  • SCM requirements: Visibility, Analytics, Communication
  • CRM purpose: widen, lengthen, deepen
  • CRM requirements: Operational, Analytical, Collaborative

Development Stages (3,2)

  • Simon Says: Intelligence (requirements), Design, Choice (implementation)
  • Follow-up: Testing (verification), Maintenance

Development Tools (3,2)

  • Approaches: Waterfall, Iterative, RAD/JAD/Agile
  • User Requirements: CSFs, Prototyping

Project Management (3,5)

  • Case: Faith, Fear, Facts
  • Dimensions: Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Risk

Security (4,2,4,2,3)

  • Attacks: SQL injection, spoofing/phishing/pharming, (D)DoS, Botnets
  • Wi-Fi tricks: Sniffers, Evil Twins
  • Malware: Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware
  • Technologies: SSL, Public/Private Key
  • Policies: AUP, DRP, BCP

Social & Ethical Issues (3,4,5)

  • Spheres of Impact: Ethical, Social, Legal
  • Dangerous Trends: Processing (Moore’s Law), Analysing, Storing & Retrieving (Storage Space), Transmitting & Receiving (Networking)
  • Issues: Privacy/Copyright, Usefulness/Reliability, Globalisation/Structural Change, Teamwork/Communication, Health/Safety

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