So I’m a PASS Leader now

A lot has changed since I took this subject three years ago.

iPhones got bigger, Android got prettier, Facebook got fancier (and slower, thanks to copious amounts of client-side scripting). My Macbook Air, which I used to write all those little blog entries, got stolen in the Central Lecture Block (CLB) building. Planes went tragically missing. Relationships started and ended. New buildings got built at UNSW. Haters hated, potatoes potated, and Taylor Swift became increasingly less country and more urban.

The lecturer-in-charge for INFS1602 changed to the brilliant Eric Lim (who is also my Honours supervisor). My old tutor is now a data analytics consultant.

Oh, and I became a PASS Leader:


With this change I feel the need to include this disclaimer:

This blog represents the personal views of a student who took INFS1602 three years ago, in Semester 1 of 2012. It does not represent the official views of the School of Information Systems, Technology & Management or the UNSW Business School. Where there is any doubt or contradiction, the authority of your Tutor and the Lecturer-in-Charge (LIC) take priority above any claims I may or may not make on this blog.

Have fun folks :)


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